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Greek: Ελούντα), alternative transliterations Elounta or Elouda, is a small fishing town on the northern coast of the island of Crete, Greece. It is part of the municipality of Agios Nikolaos, until recently (2010) belonging to the prefecture of Lasithi and as of the passage of new legislation, the periphery of Crete.Elounda is formed of seven towns and an un-inhabitant island area. The town of Schisma is by far the most populated one and is often understood as 'Elounda Centre'.The city of Elounda has a total of 2.185 inhabitants according to countings from 2001. The areas making up the city are (at least since the re-organisation of 2011-01-01) with Greek names and head count:Agia Paraskevi – Αγία Παρασκευή – 39 Epano Elounda – Επάνω Ελούντα – 154
Epano Pines – Επάνω Πινές – 59
Kalydon – Καλυδών (un-inhabitant island area)
Kato Elounda – Κάτω Ελούντα – 63
Kato Pines – Κάτω Πινές – 66
Mavrikiano – Μαυρικιανό – 149
Schisma – Σχίσμα – 1.65

The area of Kalydon is made up of the island of Spinalonga, the Peninsula Spinalonga and the island of Kolokythas along with other smaller maritime structures.
The road into Elounda from Agios Nikolaos is approximately 12 km in length and follows the shore as it climbs to the top of a small mountain. The view from the top is incomparable; on a clear day it is possible to see the whole of Mirabello Bay and all the way to the eastern tip of Crete.
The small fishing village of Plaka (Lasithi), which overlooks the island of Spinalonga and the Kolikithia Peninsula, can be reached a mere 5 km from the main square of Elounda heading north away from Agios Nikolaos.
It is also the closest major town to the former leper colony of Spinalonga (Greek: Σπιναλόγκα), located on an island officially named Kalydon (Greek: Καλυδών).





Elounda luxury hotels

Elounda is a famous tourist attraction, heavily visited by VIPs for its seaside luxury resorts. Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou used to spend his summers in Elounda; today, it is visited almost every year by the royal family of Saudi Arabia. The leader of Libya Mouamar kantafi also visited Elounda many times.Also many European leaders spend their vacations there.

The most important are:

Elounda Beach Hotel
Elounda Bay palace
Elounda Porto
Elounda mare
Domes of Elounda
Elounda Gulf Villas

Elounda canal

There is a canal which connects Elounda gulf with the outer Mirabello gulf.Nearby there are fields where big amounts of salt were produced many years ago .

elounda canal

elounda mills

elounda crete

Kolokytha island-KOLOKITHA BEACH

Kolokytha is a small island opposite the Peninsula of Spinalonga, 10km north of Agios Nikolaos. At the top of the island you find the church of Saint Lukas and if you move down the hill you find an exotic beach -kolokitha beach-with clean blue waters.See the route to kolokytha island

kolokytha elounda

Alert to this false sign.The distance from Elounda canal to Kolokytha island is not 7.5 kms.It is only 2 kms.


 Don't miss this path to Kolokytha island

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elounda canal churchOld Christian Period church in Poros Elounda

St. Fokas church


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The island of Spinalonga (Greek: Σπιναλόγκα), officially known as Kalydon (Καλυδών), is located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete, in Lasithi, next to the town of Elounda. The island is further assigned to the area of Kalydon. It is near the Spinalonga peninsula ("large Spinalonga") – which often causes confusion as the same name is used for both. The official Greek name of the island today is Kalydon.

Plaka Elounda

Plaka Elounda

Plaka is a small village 5 kms from Elounda opposite to Spinalonga island.There is a small harbour from where ships transfer people to Spinalonga.There are also many tavernas and cafes and a small beach .


The Island (Hislop novel)

The Island is a historical novel written by Victoria Hislop. It has won several awards including Newcomer of the Year at the 2007 British Book Awards.The book was also nominated for the Book of the Year award at the same event.

Set on the island of Spinalonga, off the coast of Crete, and on the village of Plaka which lies within swimming distance across it, The Island tells the story of Alexis Fielding, a 25-year-old on the cusp of a life-changing decision. Alexis knows little or nothing about her family's past and has always resented her mother for refusing to discuss it. She knows only that her mother, Sofia, grew up in Plaka, a small Cretan village, before moving to London. Making her first visit to Crete to see the village where her mother was born, Alexis discovers that the village of Plaka faces the small, now deserted island of Spinalonga, which, she is shocked and surprised to learn was Greece's leper colony for much of the 20th century. It is here that Alexis meets an old friend of her mother's, Fotini, who is prepared to tell her for the first time the whole tragic story of her family. What Fotini tells her is shocking and tragic, it is the story which Sofia has spent her life concealing: the story of Eleni, her grandmother, and of a family torn apart by tragedy, war and passion. Eleni has two children, called Maria and Anna with her husband Georgio. She discovers how intimately she is connected with the island and with the horror and pity of the leper colony which was once there, and learns too that the secrets of the past have the power to change the future.


Dikti mountaina

Dikti or Dicte (Greek: Δίκτη) (also Lasithiotika Ori, Greek: Λασιθιώτικα Όρη) is a mountain range on the east of the island of Crete in the regional unit of Lasithi. On the west it extends to the regional unit of Heraklion. According to the Greek Mythology, Zeus was reared on this mountain in a cave called Dictaeon Andron (Psychro Cave). On the north of the main massif, the plateau of Lasithi is located. Read more

Episkopi Ierapetra

dEpiskopi Ierapetras is a village on the Greek island of Crete. Episkopi belongs to the municipality of Ierapetra in the prefecture of Lasithi. It lies north of Ierapetra in the middle of the narrowest part of the island. The village has approximately one thousand inhabitants.
The village was established during the Minoan period, probably between 2500 and 2000 BCE. Is located..Read more

Potamos Malias

Right next to the archaeological site of Malia, a beautiful sandy beach makes the difference. The scenery includes tamarisk trees, crystal clear waters, a small river that spills into the sea (and makes the water a bit chiller!) and many sea urchins on the rocks – in case you are a fan of this mezze! It may be organized but still differs from the rest of the beaches in the area, as it is more peaceful, there is plenty Read more

Church Saint Virgins

Single room church of 12th century with unique frescoes from 14th century.Lies in Agios Nikolaos - Crete Read more