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  The couplet of mantinada or patinada or Kotsakia poem is  composed of two  verses which are  usually fifteen to rhyme  or four  imistichia not necessarily  rhyme.
It is a mean of   spontaneous popular expression in  several parts   of  Greece, but mainly as a category of  insular  Greek song in Crete, which is  famous for  serenades  of.
   This type of emetris popular expression in the  Cyclades  and especially in  Apeiranthos Naxos  called "Kotsakia" (eg  "With kotsakia reveal, / my  love pain!")  Accordingly names  of this kind are  also Short Songs, rhymes , that despite the  "lyrics" or "couplets" other regions of Greece.
 In particular, the Cretan couplets distinguished by its  peculiar expression, pithy phrase and reflects the feelings, thought and life of the Cretan people. They are themed from various sectors depending mocking serenades, love, opportunistic and philosophical. Either as a philosophy or expressing   grievance, the serenade for centuries came the Cretans in all their moments and   events, to the point that those who are not from Crete to think strictly Cretan   poetic creation.
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We are here to create the lives we planned
between our incarnations
Deep down we know we never part
We are kin soul constellations

Remembering our non-separateness
freshens our souls like sea breeze
O, our renewed togetherness
reflects countless old journeys…

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