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Crete notable people

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Elitis Kazantzakis Venizelos Mousxouri Aniston

Notable people from Crete include:

+ Nikos Kazantzakis, author, born in Heraklion

+ Odysseas Elytis, poet, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1979, born in Heraklion.Descendant of the  Alepoudellis,  an old  industrial family from  Lesbos, Elytis was born in  Heraklion on the island of  Crete, on November 2, 1911.  His family later moved to  Athens, where the poet  graduated from high school and later attended courses as an auditor at the Law School at University of Athens.
From 1969–1972, under the Greek military junta of 1967–1974, Elytis exiled himself to Paris. He was romantically linked to the lyricist and musicologist Mariannina Kriezi, who subsequently produced and hosted the legendary children's radio broadcast "Here Lilliput Land". Elytis was intensely private and vehemently solitary in pursuing his ideals of poetic truth and experience.In 1979 the Nobel Prize in Literature was bestowed on him.

+ Vitsentzos Kornaros, Renaissance author from Sitia, who lived in Heraklion (then Candia)

+ El Greco, Renaissance artist, born in Fodele

+Nana Mouskouri, singer, born in Chania
Nana Mouskouri
(Greek:  Nάνα Μούσχουρη,  pronounced [ˈnana  ˈmusxuri]), born Iōánna  Moúschouri (Greek:  Ιωάννα Μούσχουρη  [ioˈana ˈmusxuri]) on  October 13, 1934, in  Chania, Crete, Greece, is a Greek singer. She is one of the most famous singers in music history, having sold more than 300 million records (vinyl and CD). She was known as "Nána" to her friends and family as a child.

+Eleftherios Venizelos, former Greek Prime Minister, born in Chania Prefecture

+Nikos Stratakis, contemporary painter born in Heraklion

+Constantinos Daskalakis, Associate Professor at MIT's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department.

+Ross Daly, musician who has lived in Crete for most of his life, originally from Ireland
Ross Daly (born 29  September 1952 in  King's Lynn,  Norfolk)  is a world  musician  who specializes in  music of the Cretan  lyra. Although of Irish descent, he has been living on the island of Crete for over 35 years.In 1982 he established an educational institution called Labyrinth Musical Workshop,in the village of Houdetsi in Crete, twenty kilometres south of the capital city of Herakleion. More than 250 instruments that Daly collected during his travels are on show and hundreds of students from all over the world come to study with renowned international teachers of modal music each year.

+Georgios Samaras, football player, born in Heraklion

+Eleni Daniilidou, tennis player, born in Chania

+John Aniston, actor, best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the NBC daytime drama Days of our Lives, father of Jennifer Aniston.

+Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969,in Sherman Oaks,  Los Angeles, California to actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow.
 Her father is Greek and a native of Crete, while her mother was born in  New York City. One of her maternal great-grandfathers was an Italian  immigrant,and her mother’s other ancestry is Scottish, Irish, and a small  amount of Greek.Aniston has two half- brothers, John Melick, her maternal  older half-brother, and Alex Aniston, her younger paternal half-brother.Aniston’s godfather was actor Telly Savalas, one of her father’s best friends.

+Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, a.k.a. the Fisherman of Halikarnas, Turkish writer

+Nick Dandolos, a.k.a. Nick the Greek, professional gambler and high roller

Modern period, 1898–today

High Commissioners of the Cretan State

Crete became an autonomous state under international protection and nominal Ottoman suzerainty following the Greco-Turkish War of 1897. A High Commissioner of the Great Powers (Ύπατος Αρμοστής) was installed to govern the island. In 1908, the Cretan Assembly unilaterally declared union with Greece, but this was not recognized by Greece until the outbreak of the First Balkan War in October 1912 and internationally until 1913.

# Name Picture Took office Left office
1 Prince George of Greece and Denmark PrigkphpasGewrgios.jpg 21 December 1898 30 September 1906
2 Alexandros Zaimis Zaimis.jpg 1 October 1906 30 September 1911
3 Three-member Commission 30 September 1911 11 October 1912

Governors-General of Crete

From unification with Greece in 1912 until 1955, Crete as a whole was administered by a government-appointed governor-general (Greek: Γενικός Διοικητής Κρήτης), who supervised the administration of the island's four prefectures (Chania, Heraklion, Lasithi and Rethymno).

# Name Picture Took office Left office
1 Stefanos Dragoumis Stephanos Dragoumis.jpg 11 October 1912 30 May 1913
2 Georgios Ploumidis 1913 1913
3 Loukas Kanakaris-Roufos December 1913 April 1915
4 Ioannis Tsirimokos April 1915 1917
5 Konstantinos Tsaldaris Constantine Tsaldaris.jpg 1921 1922
6 Georgios Karpetopoulos§ 9 May 1922 28 August 1922
7 Polychronis Polychronidis 1922 1922
8 Dimitrios Tombazis 1922 1923
9 Periklis Mazarakis 1923 1924
10 Petros Evripaios 1924 1924
11 Nikolaos Paritsis 1924 1925
12 Manousos Koundouros 1925 1926
13 Nikolaos Zouridis 1926 1927
14 Titos Georgiadis 1927 1928
15 Georgios Katechakis§ Υποστράτηγος Κατεχάκης.png 10 March 1928 22 December 1930
16 Nikolaos Askoutsis§ 22 December 1930 25 May 1932
17 Dimitrios Kalitsounakis§ 26 May 1932 5 June 1932
18 Michail Katapotis§ 19 June 1932 4 November 1932
19 Vasileios Meimarakis§ 25 November 1932 16 January 1933
20 Michail Kyrkos§ 16 January 1933
21 Ioannis Moutzouridis§ 13 March 1933 25 May 1934
22 Ilias Aposkitis§ 25 May 1934 1 June 1935
23 Georgios Frangiadakis§ 19 July 1935 10 October 1935
24 Georgios Tsontos-Vardas§ 10 October 1935 30 November 1935
25 Konstantinos Bakopoulos§ 7 December 1935 14 March 1936
26 Panagiotis Sfakianakis§ 18 May 1936 1941
27 Emmanouil Louladakis§ 1941 26 January 1943
28 Ioannis Passadakis§ 26 January 1943 10 October 1944
29 Agathangelos Xirouchakis 1944 1944
30 Nikolaos Papadakis 1944 1945
31 Manousos Voloudakis§ 29 January 1945 4 April 1946
32 Dionysios Voultsos§ 8 May 1946 4 November 1946
33 Emmanouil Papadogiannis§ 4 November 1946 24 January 1947
34 Evangelos Daskalakis§ 31 January 1947 17 February 1947
35 Christos Tzifakis 1947 1947
36 Emmanouil Baklatzis 1947 1948
37 Anastasios Hobitis 1948 1948
38 Polychronis Polychronidis 1948 1950
39 Nikolaos Krasadakis 1950
40 Stylianos Koundouros
41 Ioannis Konotiakis 1955
Notes: § denotes a person bearing cabinet rank as Minister General-Governor of Crete (Υπουργός Γενικός Διοικητής Κρήτης) or Vice-Minister General-Governor of Crete (Υφυπουργός Γενικός Διοικητής Κρήτης).

Regional governors of Crete

With the establishment of the region of Crete (Περιφέρεια Κρήτης) in 1986, Crete became again an administrative entity. Until 2011, the regional governors (περιφερειάρχες) were government-appointed, but in accordance to the Kallikratis reform they were replaced with elected officials.

# Name Picture Took office Left office
1 Stavros Arnaoutakis 1 January 2011 incumbent


Dikti mountaina

Dikti or Dicte (Greek: Δίκτη) (also Lasithiotika Ori, Greek: Λασιθιώτικα Όρη) is a mountain range on the east of the island of Crete in the regional unit of Lasithi. On the west it extends to the regional unit of Heraklion. According to the Greek Mythology, Zeus was reared on this mountain in a cave called Dictaeon Andron (Psychro Cave). On the north of the main massif, the plateau of Lasithi is located. Read more

Episkopi Ierapetra

dEpiskopi Ierapetras is a village on the Greek island of Crete. Episkopi belongs to the municipality of Ierapetra in the prefecture of Lasithi. It lies north of Ierapetra in the middle of the narrowest part of the island. The village has approximately one thousand inhabitants.
The village was established during the Minoan period, probably between 2500 and 2000 BCE. Is located..Read more

Potamos Malias

Right next to the archaeological site of Malia, a beautiful sandy beach makes the difference. The scenery includes tamarisk trees, crystal clear waters, a small river that spills into the sea (and makes the water a bit chiller!) and many sea urchins on the rocks – in case you are a fan of this mezze! It may be organized but still differs from the rest of the beaches in the area, as it is more peaceful, there is plenty Read more

Church Saint Virgins

Single room church of 12th century with unique frescoes from 14th century.Lies in Agios Nikolaos - Crete Read more