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Lasithi Plateau

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The Lasithi Plateau (Greek: Οροπέδιο Λασιθίου, Oropedio Lasithiou) is high endorheic plateau, and a municipality, located in the Lasithi regional unit in eastern Crete, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the village Tzermiado.

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Kalo Chorio

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Kalo Chorio
(Greek: Καλό Χωρίο, "good village") is a village in the municipality of Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi, Crete, Greece. Kalo Chorio village has a population of around 900, nestles attractively in the midst of a verdant hilly landscape, where olive groves and abundant and colourful mediterranean shrubs and plants reach all the way down to the sea. Over the past years, naturally with tourism, part of the village has grown up nearer the beach, Istro is full of archaeological points of interest. The new village of Istro sits on the site of the ancient town of Istrona, remains of which are still being uncovered to date. Because of this, the land closest to the sea has a conservation order and no new building may take place, which leaves the beaches uncrowded and unspoilt. The delightful beaches of Istro Bay are regularly awarded a Blue flag for cleanliness. Kalo Chorio offers a village atmosphere away from the sprawling concrete resorts usually found in Crete, allowing visitors to enjoy Crete as it once was.
kalo horio crete istron bay

Panoramic view of Kalo Chorio and Istron bay


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Plaka is a village in Lasithi, Crete. It is part of the community Vrouchas, in the municipal unit Agios Nikolaos. It neighbours the town of Elounda and is close to the historical island of Spinalonga. In the vicinity are the ancient cities (now in ruins) of Olous and Lato, which Dorian settlements were frequently in conflict with each other over territory disputes. Tourist boats depart from Plaka to Spinalonga on a daily basis. The one way boat passage requires approximately ten minutes.

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Neapoli is a small town and a former municipality in Lasithi, eastern Crete, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Agios Nikolaos, of which it is a municipal unit. It is located 12 kilometres (7 miles) west from Agios Nikolaos in the green valley of Mirabello. In the period of the Venetian domination its two settlements were named "New Village". But when the seat of the Prefecture was transferred from Fourni to the “New Village” this was renamed to Neapolis. Neapolis was maintained as the capital of the prefecture of Lasithi till 1904. After that date Agios Nikolaos became the new capital. The surrounding area is mountainous and home to a collection of native olive trees. Neapoli is a traditional Cretan town with narrow streets and cobbled roads. The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary (Megali Panagia) is located on the central square.
Around Neapolis there are many traditional cretan villages such as Houmeriako,Vrises,Nikithiano etc.neapolis crete
crete lassithi


(Greek: Σίσι) is a small village in the municipal unit Vrachasi, Lasithi, Crete.You will find a beautiful small harbour with many tavernas,cafe and also nice beaches.It is situated on the north coast, 6 km northwest of Vrachasi, 22 km northwest of Agios Nikolaos and 35 km east of Heraklion.Near Sisi is Milatos, a small beautiful fish village.
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 Milatos cave Sissi harbour

milatos fish villagemilatos beach

Sisi Crete

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(Greek: Κουφονήσι, known as Leuce in antiquity) is an uninhabited Greek islet, located 3 nautical miles south of cape Goudero on the coast of Lasithi, eastern Crete, in the Libyan Sea. The island is roughly 6 kilometres (4 miles) long and 5.5 kilometres (3.4 miles) across. It has an entire surface area of 5.25 square kilometres (2.03 sq mi). It forms a close group of islands with Makroulo, Marmaro, Strongyli, and Trachilos.Ancient ruins cover the island and can be dated from the Minoan civilisation and the post-Byzantine era when some of the caves were used as chapels during Christian persecution by the Ottomans. Due to the wealth of archaeology the island has been described as "a little Dilos".During the summer, the island is visited by tour boats from the port of Makrigialos approximately 18 km (11 miles) away.

Pacheia Ammos

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Pacheia Ammos (Greek: Παχειά Άμμος) is a village in the municipality of Ierapetra on the island of Crete in Greece. It is located on the north coast of the island, 15 km to the north of the city of Ierapetra, at the fork in the road that leads to Heraklion in the west and Sitia in the east.

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(Greek: Γδόχια) is a village on Crete 20 kilometers west of Ierapetra built in an area with spectacular view of Ierapetra town and the sea. It is said to receive his name from an ancient word that means "it has rain". In September 1943, over 40 residents of Gdochia were brutally executed by the Nazis.
Makry Gialos

Makry Gialos
(Greek: Μακρύ Γιαλός) is a former municipality in Lasithi, Crete, Greece, with a population 4,204 in 2001. It is located on the south-east coast of Crete. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Ierapetra, of which it is a municipal unit.[2] The seat of the municipality was in Koutsouras, 22 kilometers east of Ierapetra. It was established in 1998 when the communities of Schinokapsala, Orino, Stavrochori, Chrisopigi, Aghios Stefanos, , Lithines and Pervolakia amalgamated into one municipality (Δήμος).Pefki.The name Makry Gialos - or, alternatively, Makry-Gialos, Makrygialos, Makriyialos, or Makrigialos - is also specifically given both to a village and tourist centre on the coast within the municipality, and to the nearby archaeological site of an ancient Minoan country house.a    Comment with Disqus

(Κουτσουράς) is a village in Lasithi regional unit, in Crete, Greece 22 kilometers east of Ierapetra. Its population is 818 (2001 est.) It was the headquarters of the municipality of Makry Gialos (Dimos Makry Gialou) and is the biggest village in the region. Key industries include agriculture and tourism. It has nice beaches and a golf course is due to be built over the next five years. The coast is rocky and there are beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear waters.Today is the seat of Makry Gialos unity and part of Ierapetra municipality.a 
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Koutsounari is a settlement in the municipality of Ierapetra, on the island of Crete. It lies 8 kilometers east of Ierapetra and has a beautiful beach named Long Beach. a 


(Greek: Σελάκανο) is a forested valley and a hamlet in the municipality of Ierapetra on the island of Crete. Selakano forms one of the most important ecosystems on Crete. The forest core of wild pine is also important on the Mediterranean level. It is located in the northwestern territories of Ierapetra in the southeastern part of the Dikti massif, surrounded by the four highest peaks (Lazaros 2085 m, Spathi 2148 m, Afendis Christos 2141 m, Psari Madara 2090 m). In the east, there is a panoramic view of the Libyan Sea, at a distance of 15 km.
In the forest Pinus brutia is a prevalent drought-tolerant species that can withstand six-month droughts and grow in various rocks and soils. There are also kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera), planes (Platanus orientalis), Cretan maples (Acer sempervirens), cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens) and several other plant species. In the basin, where the settlements of Selakano and Mathokastana are located, there are many walnut and pear trees, vineyards and, patches of fields where vegetables are cultivated.
The forest is the nesting and hunting ground of many predatory birds like the hawk. It is the most productive apiculture spot in Crete, while in the past wood and resin were harvested.a  


n"Kreta r 08 096" by Gueroe - Foto from Gueroe (friend of mine); he gave all rights to me. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.
(Greek: Μόχλος) is a modern island in the Gulf of Mirabello in eastern Crete, and the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement. There is evidence that Mochlos was not an island in Minoan times, but was attached to the mainland and acted as an eastern harbor.

The name Mochlos also applies to the small fishing village and resort located on the main island of Crete, opposite Mochlos island. Only 150 metres separates them. The island is administered from Tourloti which is only 9 km (6 mi) away.
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Itanos (Greek: Ίτανος) is a former municipality in the Lasithi regional unit, eastern Crete, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Siteia, of which it is a municipal unit. Its territory is rich in ancient archaeological sites, notably a Minoan city in Roussolakkos and the ancient Greek city Itanos in Erimopolis. The Minoan settlement was called Utana (cf. Linear B U-ta-ni-yo [KN E 749]). Herodotus recorded that the settlers from Thera (modern Santorini) who founded Cyrene owed their knowledge of the coast to an Itanian trader named Corobios.Population 2,514 (2001). The seat of the municipality was in Palaikastro.

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Kato Zakros

(Greek: Ζάκρος) is a site on the eastern coast of the island of Crete, Greece, containing ruins from the Minoan civilization. The site is often known to archaeologists as Zakro or Kato Zakro. It is believed to have been one of the four main administrative centers of the Minoans, and its protected harbor and strategic location made it an important commercial hub for trade to the east.

sPalace of Zakros ruins zLibation vase from Zakros
"Libation vase, Zakros" by Bernard Gagnon - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

The town was dominated by the Palace of Zakro, originally built around 1900 BC, rebuilt around 1600 BC, and destroyed around 1450 BC along with the other major centers of Minoan civilization. Extensive ruins of the palace remain, and are a popular tourist destination.



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is the site of an important Minoan city, located near to Palekastro, Crete. It is the only Minoan city to have survived intact. Its harbor, outlying settlements, sanctuaries and quarries are preserved under sediments accumulating over more than 2,000 years. It was here, the ancient authors tell us, that Diktaian Zeus (the youthful Cretan equivalent of the classical Greek god Dionysos and Egyptian Osiris) was born and where this young god founded his holy city. A temple to Zeus was built at the nearby Elaea promontory. It was also here that Jason and the Argonauts confronted Talos, the man of bronze, a generation before the Trojan War.The ancient town was in use from Early Minoan IIA to Late Minoan IIIB. Minoan houses and streets, and offerings from the Greek temple of Diktaian Zeus have been excavated at the site.


Dikti mountaina

Dikti or Dicte (Greek: Δίκτη) (also Lasithiotika Ori, Greek: Λασιθιώτικα Όρη) is a mountain range on the east of the island of Crete in the regional unit of Lasithi. On the west it extends to the regional unit of Heraklion. According to the Greek Mythology, Zeus was reared on this mountain in a cave called Dictaeon Andron (Psychro Cave). On the north of the main massif, the plateau of Lasithi is located. Read more

Episkopi Ierapetra

dEpiskopi Ierapetras is a village on the Greek island of Crete. Episkopi belongs to the municipality of Ierapetra in the prefecture of Lasithi. It lies north of Ierapetra in the middle of the narrowest part of the island. The village has approximately one thousand inhabitants.
The village was established during the Minoan period, probably between 2500 and 2000 BCE. Is located..Read more

Potamos Malias

Right next to the archaeological site of Malia, a beautiful sandy beach makes the difference. The scenery includes tamarisk trees, crystal clear waters, a small river that spills into the sea (and makes the water a bit chiller!) and many sea urchins on the rocks – in case you are a fan of this mezze! It may be organized but still differs from the rest of the beaches in the area, as it is more peaceful, there is plenty Read more

Church Saint Virgins

Single room church of 12th century with unique frescoes from 14th century.Lies in Agios Nikolaos - Crete Read more