Heraklion > Useful telephones

Municipality of Heraklion, 2810 399399
Heraklion Prefecture, Eleftherias Sq., Tel: 2810-396200 & 156
Region of Crete, Pl. Kountouriotis, Tel: 2810-336330 & 2810-341641
Tourism Department of Crete, Xanthoulidou 1, Tel: 2810-246100

Weather, 149
Telegrams, 155
ELPA Road Assistance, 10400
Fire services, 199

Police Centre for Emergency, 100
Greek Police - Security Department, Tel: 2810-282316
Tourist Police, Dikaiosynis 10, Tel:  2810-283190
Airport Police, Tel: 2810-245585
Port Police, Tel: 108 & 2810-244912
Traffic Department, Major Tzoulaki 2, Tel: 2810-282031


University General Hospital, Voutes, Tel: 2810-392111
Venizelio General Hospital, Av. Knossos, Tel: 2810-368000-29
Centre for Emergency Assistance  (ΕΚΑΒ), 166


Port of Heraklion, 2810-338115 & 2810-300038
N. Kazantzakis Airport2810-228402
KTEL Heraklion - Lasithi, Port, 2810-245019
KTEL Chania - Rethymno, Port, 2810-22176
City buses, 2810-220795

 Post Offices

Daskalogianni Square, Tel: 2810-289995
Ethnikis Antistaseos, Tel: 2810-234468

 Heraklion Port Authority, Tel: 2813406911

The above iinformation are supplied as is and can be changed at any time without any notice.
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